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Odie Stuffed Toy: Odie- Garfield Friends, Stuffed Toys

Odie Stuffed Toy: Odie- Garfield Friends, Stuffed Toys
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Plush Odie Stuffed Toy:

Odie Plush DISNEY stuffed toy from Garfield and Friends, top quality. Odie has a very big red floppy hearthrob tongue and is so adorable. Odie is standing at 22" tall, has cutie pie removable PJ's on, cutie removable animal slippers on his feet, and a removable tie-on scarf.

Send a gift with meaning: tell your love you will be sleeping over for Valentines Day and beyond- and send a sweet little message on a beautiful card. Let the Odie's tongue and pyjamas provide the hint to that special someone you admire and adore! Say you are sorry, will you forgive me? in a special way. Also great for slumber parties, and all family fun. To add Odie's friend Garfield: click to order Odie on this page, then click here to the main toys page, select Garfield, and order. Odie's friends are sold right here. Please click on image to enlarge. Gift wrap available for all toys. When will my order ship?