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Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves - Snow Leopard

Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves - Snow Leopard
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Fingerless Gloves

Snow Leopard fingerless gloves, James Bond-like style. Fingerless gloves with snow leopard print fabric. Mens, Womens fashion Snow Leopard money gloves is a hands-free wallet in disguise. Soft, luxurious stretch velour animal print gloves. Double-layered. Warmth, with style! Great for sophisticated lifestyle. Also called Money Gloves™. Money Gloves™ doubles as a wallet, fashion toeless warmers, socks, and anklets, protection from the cold. Keep warm in the office or out. For additional shipping information see Info section. Please click on image to enlarge. When will my order ship?

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