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100% Human Hair Supplies, BODY WAVE 12"

100% Human Hair Supplies, BODY WAVE 12"
Item# Body-Wave-Human-Hair-12inches
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100% Human Hair Supplies, BODY WAVE 12"

Body Wave Human Hair 12":

Buy human hair supplies in Body Wave 100% human hair 12 inches long, virgin Brazilian hair. Good body wave, not too wavy. To get it to look as long as my client's, simply place first cornrow track at lowest point of nape. For all treebraids: strand the cornrow tails until the end of clients hair. Client used Color #2 Dark brown. 2pks of hair used. This hair style is a great combination weave(back) treebraids(front) style.

Img #1180):

Treebraids with Body Wave Right2170.


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