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Homeland Security Product Guide

Gloves and Socks Products Guide:

Still not sure which fingerless gloves page has what you may have in mind to purchase? Don't worry- we have compiled a list that shows the purpose or common uses of the toeless sock and fingerless gloves. Enjoy! Please continue to contact us with further suggestions- we are here to make your shopping experience absolutely fabulous!

Homeland security fingerless gloves for joggers available in fleece, many other textures, all colors available, all sizes available.

Gloves for Children's Homeland security.

Gloves for Offensive Linemen

Gloves for college students, college period! Those long walks to class- brrrr! if only the buildings were closer, and you didn't have to walk outside to get to each class, right? Get this fingerless glove. When you get to class, keep them on if you like.

Gloves for wearing over regular gloves during Winter- stick a little candy treat tucked inside the glove for your loved one. Great for kids too!

Homeland security gloves for school- in and out of the classroom.

Homeland security gloves for abused women and men.

Fingerless gloves for Cheerleaders Homeland Security.

Sexy Thighlets:

  • What are sexy Thighlets? My sister (the Model) just asked me that. It's a leg warmer in any length, except for now, the length will be 12 inches long for fleece, animal print fabrics, and others
  • Wedding Sexy Thighlets: depending on where your wedding is going to be (in Antarctica?) you might want to be practical as well. Fleece works
  • For indoor weddings in Winter, we recommed our regular satin, lace, and embroidered fabrics shown here

Toeless Socks

Homeland security toeless socks for all sports players for tennis, too! To wear all year round, do this: wear over regular socks. Also, wear as an accessory by gathering the toeless socks all the way up at your ankles. Once there, you can arrange it over the ankle of your regular socks. The effect is a 'cool' looking gathered up effect. Provides added warmth at the ankles too. This suggestion provided by a customer.

To wear the socks in the above-stated manner, buy our tube toeless sports socks listed under the "tube, no elastic please" option, to get the same effect.

Foot Gloves/ Toeless Gloves

Foot gloves or toeless gloves are made from decorative fabric, all kinds, including fleece, lace, velour, you name it, as with Indian Summer Toeless Gloves.

Ergonomic Toeless Sock

Our new toeless socks however, can be worn to obtain the same effect as our above socks. Gaining in popularity, this sock is worn as a regular sock, except it is much more advantageous. There are several ways to wear this sock. To get the effect as our regular toeless socks, fold/tuck the 'ergonomic' toe section in.

For your convenience, this new product is located on the same page, or click this link for the new product details. Third product listed on the page. Mens, Womens.