Light Bulk Wholesale Products: Wholesale Product Pricing for Retail Businesses

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Product Description

Light Bulk Wholesale:

Wholesale product purchases for business retailers. Congratulations on your decision to retail products from U-Palmit! The process is so simple, it makes purchase orders obsolete!

Getting Started, Retailer Application:

  • free application
  • the following process is for a retailer selling our product(s)
  • information provided here will quickly and painlessly help to get started retailing faster
  • type of business: department store, speciality store, schools and hospital stores
  • as a retailer, you buy at our wholesale prices
  • no taxes on resale products with Tax ID
  • minimum order amount is $150
  • order any quantity of each product to meet or exceed minimum
  • Re-ordering? No minimums up until third month of each minimum order
  • charge your customers your retail price
  • package, ship/deliver product(s) to your customer(s)
  • enter your Tax ID number, business name, and address in the Comments field of the shopping cart
  • apply today, sell tomorrow!
Orders with no Tax ID will not be processed.

Available shipping options:
  • UPS Residential and Business Ground, 2-Day, and 3-Day
  • FedEx Residential and Business Ground, 2-Day, and 3-Day
  • USPS- Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Post
Tax Tips:

Clothing accessories are non-taxable in the state of NJ. Although non-clothing items are taxable, items bought to be resold are not taxable to retailers.

Our wholesale pricing:
  • clothing accessories- fingerless gloves and toeless socks (diabetic socks) MSRP $39.99. Your price: $19.99
  • clothing accessories- toeless socks (diabetic socks) MSRP $69.99. Your price: $39.99
  • price break on large bulk orders - all MSRP $39.99. Your price: $11.99
  • toys MSRP 39.99. Your price: 19.99