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BUY Human Hair Supplies, SPANISH BULK Human Blend Hair 18"

BUY Human Hair Supplies, SPANISH BULK Human Blend Hair 18"

Item# SPANISH-BULK-Human-Blend-Hair
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Spanish Bulk Human Blend Hair:

Spanish Bulk human blend hair- not WET N WAVY (ripples, does not curl like WET N WAVY). Premium tangle free Spanish bulk human hair for braiding and strand by strand styles. For weaving human hair, please see links at bottom of page.

Spanish Bulk Human Hair:

Available colors: #1- black, #1b- off black, #2- dark brown, #4- brown, #27- strawberry blonde, #30- light auburn, #33, #99J, #350, #BUR

Client shown used 1b for her cornrow tree braids. 1-1/2pks.

Finger comb. After several weeks, a simple surface brushing with a paddle brush works wonders. Add a touch of moisturizer like Organic Root Stimulater cream (now in light green bottle).

Moisturize, and put up in a ponytail at night.

Img #222):

Wet and Wavy Tree Braids, Kaale Brand Right36.Kaales Loose Wet and Wavy hair brand looks like Rihannas

KAALE Brand human hair with cornrow treebraids. Compare to Rihanna's hair

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