Photo Book- Prepaid Prom, Wedding Photo Processing

Photo Book- Prepaid Prom, Wedding Photo Processing
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Product Description

The Photo Book

Unique gifts and useful tools such as Prepaid Photo Processing are indeed time and money savers. Order yours today.

Best uses of The Prepaid Photo Book

  • The photographer has made you select from a package- take more pictures using the contents of The Photo Book, and have the pictures developed professionally at little more than pennies on the dollar.
  • You eloped! Now how are you going to show off those wonderful moments when you get back? The Photo Book to the rescue- no intrusions, no having to pay $1,000 or more for a few pictures.
  • Did you know that The Photo Book is a product of a professional photography studio?
  • No experienced 'photographer' friends available? Even so, call the enclosed 800 number, and someone will be sure to assist you with tips on lighting, etc., for that awesome shot!
  • color correction, etc. available- you name it, write instructions on your prepaid envelope stating, eg.-"not very good with picture taking, please make any and all necessary adjustments", or, just plain: "HELP!!" will do just fine.

  • many examples making The Photo Book your very own must have!