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BUY Human Hair Supplies, DEEP BULK, Braiding Hair 18"

BUY Human Hair Supplies, DEEP BULK, Braiding Hair 18"

Item# DeepBulk-Human-Hair-18inches
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Deep Bulk Human Hair

Deep Bulk human hair. Human hair for braiding and other strand by strand styles.

Available colors: #1- Jet black, #1b- Off black, #2- Dark brown, #4- Medium brown, #30 light brown, #27- strawberry blonde, #613- Bleach Blonde, also great for Caucasian strand by strand styles.

Client shown used #1b Off black for her individual tree braids- slightly over 2pks used for installation of this braiding style.

MAINTENANCE:No product needed. However if desired, light sheen every 3-5days. Sparingly add light moisturizer- rub ORS between the palms of hand briefly and apply to hair from top to tips. Finger comb. Gently place up in a high ponytail at night for maximum comfort.

Wash hair with warm water, then apply very diluted shampoo at scalp only to clean scalp- remnants of shampoo gently wash down the hair shaft. Rinse, add diluted conditioner, rinse, add leave in conditioner.

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