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BUY Human Hair Supplies, YAKY STRAIGHT 20"

BUY Human Hair Supplies, YAKY STRAIGHT 20"
Item# Yaky-Straight-Human-Hair
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Product Description

BUY Human Hair Supplies, YAKY STRAIGHT 20"

Yaky Straight hair:

Straight human hair, YAKY STRAIGHT human hair. Premium 100% Tangle Free human hair for braiding and strand by strand styles. For weaving, please call to order. Sold by Kaale, Master Braider. The same Master Braider that invented the Invisible Hairline, that has a DVD on for healthy hair growth and maintenance- Before You Braid Black Hair. Ouchless Braiding(SM) and styling. For bulk pricing over 50 packs send e-mail to: with order quantity, color(s), length(s) and offer amount per pack.

Available colors: #1- black, #1b- off black, #2- dark brown, #4- brown, #30- light auburn, #27- strawberry blonde, #33- light burgundy, #99J- red, #350, #BUR- burgundy