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Indian Remi (Remy) Hair Sales 4oz, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, NJ

Indian Remi (Remy) Hair Sales 4oz, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, NJ
Regular price: $250.00
Sale price: $210.00
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Product Description

Buy 1 get 1 Free Remy Hair:

Our remy hair sales offer full hair from top to bottom- no stringy thin ends. Our hair is double drawn and is top of the line- no one else but a select few like us and offer this. The ad on this page doesn't offer it- they say they feel its best to have stringy ends. We say, people need options. So when you want full hair- see our picture top left, then buy from us. We never dissapoint. Top of the line human hair. How much hair do I need?
  • Bulk hair for strand by strand styles such as Brazilian Knots, Natural Fusion(SM), and braiding styles. 16"-18" and possibly even 20" lengths: buy only 1 bundle- get the other 4oz bundle free! However if selecting the longer lengths and a very full look is preferred, buy two bundles and get two bundles free- the longer the length you select, the thinner the bundle. Why? It goes by weight- Remy hair is sold by weight, so all those long strands are weighed. Each of these bundles are 4oz. weight. You are buying 4oz and getting 4oz for free. Stress free ordering. Select curl pattern, length, etc. and click 'order' button.

    Buy virgin remy hair: follow the links shown:

    Or call us for an appointment in New Jersey: (609)213-7985.

    Style shown with this bulk Indian Remy 10oz buy 1 get 1 free natural curly 16in length hair: Invisible Treebraids, DB edition.

  • Weft for track hair extensions styles: buy 1 bundle in 16" to 20" lengths for partial weaves- approx. 4-6 tracks installation. Possibly, some hair may be left over depending on desired fullness and/ head size circumference. For longer lengths 22" to 24" buy 2 bundles for a full weave installation. The buy one get 1 free deal will ship with 4 bundles of Remy hair.

    We have scoured the world for top of the line human hair that does not tangle or shed so you don't have to. The average person needs approx. 8 ounces or the equivalent of 2packs of bulk hair= half a pound. It is always best to have enough hair than not enough during installation or braiding, especially if you know you have a larger than average sized head circumference or want very full hair.

    Picture and Clients: natural color natural curly Indian Remy human hair. Reusable.

    Great for strand by strand styles: Brazilian Knots, and Natural Fusion(SM), Fusion, Treebraids, Braids(buy/select Bulk), and also weaves (buy/select Weft).

    Care of your hair:

    For weft/track hair extensions or weave styles, use a paddle brush for optimum results. Keep the pressure off the weft area to maintain the longevity of the extensions.
  • Real human hair. Looking for Indian Remy human hair? You have come to the right place if you don't want to be disappointed by other brands. This hair does not shed, does not tangle or frizz. Simply spray with water, and you are good to go.

    Amazing results when wet, straightened, or curled. Get curvy with 100% pure and natural Indian hair. Flat iron it straight, then see the curls come right back after washing... you'll be amazed!

    Get used to the looks and double takes people will give you while wearing this Indian Remy human cuticle hair.

    Natural color
    What is natural color? Natural color means no dyes or chemicals have changed donor's hair color 1b.

  • When you purchase hair from KAALE you can rest assured that the hair will be long lasting and beautiful for more than 6 months to 1 year.

    Problem ordering using this shopping cart? Call (609) 213-7985 for assistance today.

    Buy 1 get 1 free Remy hair sales:

    Accessories is back- see what we have accomplished, and what we can do better for you and yours!

    APPOINTMENTS -FIRST STEP: click here for consultations.

    Buy virgin remy hair:

    Treebraids 5.
    Treebraids, Batik loose hair

    LADIES LOVE OUR TREEBRAIDS- fabulous Invisible Hairline, that looks very natural, or the traditional one- showing the cornrows. Also check out "a few rotations"..

    Learn more about our remy, virgin remy hair, and our life's work:

    Hair style options:

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    We have customized cornrow styles and treebraid styles you never thought were possible. Our Master Braider has mastered this art, and will help you to look more beautiful than you could ever dream of, with this hair restorative, non surgical hair loss solutions, and flawless technique. Please also read on how we promote hair growth, and hair loss prevention frequently asked questions -African Hair Braiding by Kaale, Hair Braiding FAQs.

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