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Fleece Scarf, Red Fleece Scarves, Skinny Scarf

Fleece Scarf, Red Fleece Scarves, Skinny Scarf

Item# COOH-R
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Winter fleece scarf: long, and wide. Beautifully scalloped edges for a striking effect that says: "not common". This scarf is unique- It curles around your neck when worn. Soft Polar(R) fleece, yet not too thick. 60 inches long, 9 inches wide.

Skinny Fleece Scarf, Loves Your Neck!red fleece scarf

Additionally this scarf has "magical" qualities. red fleece scarf rolls both side edges of itself inward for a skinny scarf effect Fashionable, for men, women, and girls... a perfect buy. Gets flat when steam ironed.
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