Toeless Socks, Toeless ErgoSocks(tm), Extra Comfort Ergonorms(tm)

Toeless Socks, Toeless ErgoSocks(tm), Extra Comfort Ergonorms(tm)
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Product Description

Toeless Socks

Our toeless socks have no elastic for extra comfort, and have been growing in popularity! Now, we have made it even easier for you to select your favorite toeless socks: ErgoSocks™! Everything your regular socks cannot do! In fact, everything other brand of toeless socks elsewhere cannot do! What you don't see in the picture is the underside of the sock that has additional ergonomic features that increase comfort of your feet. The mother of all comfort socks- an all around sock-it-to-them attitude sock.

Our ErgoSocks™ have been an addition to our U-Palmit™ socks family for a while, and are seamless. We are proud of the recognition our ErgoSocks™ have received from our customers. We like the catchy name do you?

Features. Ankle area has:
  • Ergonomic ankle section perimeter
  • No elastic at the ankle area
Exciting ergonomic 'staying' up power without restrictive binding of regular socks. That's ErgoSocks™!

Features of all our U-Palmit™ socks brands:
  • No elastic at toes section- only Ergonorms™
  • Ergonomic toes section perimeter
  • Ergonomic foot section circumference
  • 'Ergonoms'™ that ergonomically, softly provide support at ankles and toes sections