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Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves, Fleece, Toobies(TM)

Item# Fleece-Toobies(TM)-Extends_well-beyond-fingers

Product Description

Fleece Toobies(TM)

Fleece Toobies(TM) have been offered to our customers for well over 4 years now. We created a dedicated page to Fleece Toobies(TM) because of its popularity. Fleece Toobies(TM) have the same signature double thick layers as regular U-Palmit fingerless gloves.

what's the difference?

Toobies(TM) mittens, and mitts extend well past the fingers with drawstring or elastic closure for those times to snuggle or play in the snow!. Style have drawstring closure several inches beyond fingers, also available with elastic closure or open ended tube- fingerless glove/ mittens/ mit.


Fingerless gloves in fleece, velour, spandex, lycra, and more!